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Ensuring travel spend is visible, is notoriously difficult

Ensuring travel spend is visible is notoriously difficult in a world where you have employees booking across multiple platforms, using third parties, and all using different payment options.

You need help to ensure all this data is captured, key insights are continuously measured and reviewed, and opportunities to save money are identified.  Our clients have always welcomed our honest, no-nonsense approach and the fact that we recognise travel is more than just another procurement function.

In order for a travel programme to truly work it is essential to understand how it affects the lives of those who travel.  Never has a traveller had so much choice, with offers directly aimed at them.  This can leave the travel manager at a loss with how to promote good behaviour and implement control, with world issues such as security and data protection making travel a potential mine-field.

Working for our clients

We work for our clients.  As their needs have changed, our services have had to adapt to ensure that they still benefit from our wealth of experience.  We are processing more transactions than ever before, our clients require us to assist with risk management, reporting & analytics, traveller well-being, financial services, training, benchmarking and policy making.  We understand the value that a competent travel management company brings when managing a full travel programme, and it is priceless to our clients.


We offer a number of consulting services, all of which are provided by our management team, who have the expertise to help you shape an efficient travel solution.

Travel policy bench marking

Data cleansing, review and suggested next steps

Hotel programme review, step-up and bench-marking

Technology RFP, global and domestic

Global and domestic RPF document writing/ review

Implementing a global or domestic travel programme - for managers

An introduction to travel management company services - for directors

An introduction to travel management company services - EAs

Introducing a well-being programme

Traveller security and risk management

Data and info security and today's corporate traveller

We have always prided ourselves on working with clients in a bespoke manner that works for their organisation. Whether you are a start-up, an SME or a global enterprise you will have issues that are both unique to you and affect other clients too. We use our experience to give clients a travel health check, this allows us to make both quick wins and long-term strategies. We offer clients the opportunity to meet with us first to ensure that there is a need for our service and suggest a way forward.

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