Account management

Regular communication is key to understanding ever evolving travel requirements

Our account managers are multi-skilled individuals who oversee not only our client realations but also our supplier relations, connecting two integral parts of the business, clients and suppliers. Our mantra is that we should be indispensable to you, if you need something bespoke, our account managers are equipped with the knowledge to deliver.

You will always meet your account manager early on in the sales process, as we feel it’s important to develop a bond early on. Your account management plan is agreed during the implementation process. We will arrange a schedule to suit your availability, as we want to ensure we are always available to address your requirements. So whether communication be in person, via video conference, phone or just an email. We will make sure you are always connected to us in a way that works for you. You can be assured that your meetings are structured and only relevant to your implementation and on-going care.

Outside of the booking process

Your account manager looks after everything outside of the booking process, their knowledge includes but is not limited to:

Hotel and rate sourcing

Group bookings, meetings and events

Drill down reporting

Travel policy consultation, management and compliance

Online booking tools, HR integration and profile management


A small selection of the reports available:

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